Ice Research Facility // Bartlett, UCL // Jan - June 2013

Sited on the at the foot of Jokulksarlon Ice Lagoon in Southern Iceland, the research facility probes into the lake to carry out crucial research into micro-organisms that can survive in ice sheets for thousands of years. Due to the rapid melting of the ice sheets, this research is particularly relevent as many of these samples that inform us about past ecosystems will soon disappear.

Cranes extend to form frost flowers (unique ice crystals that are so large micro-organisms can survive in single crystals), bathyscaphe pods detach from the labs to collect samples from the foot of the glacier itself, and concrete banks extend just below the water's surface. The building is partially submerged at any time, but seasonally as the ice melts and refreezes, altering the water level, different sections become accessible above the surface of the lake.